Monday, June 30, 2008

iPod cozy (for the nano I never knew I wanted;)...

What do I need an iPod for? You may find this hard to believe but my brain is constantly reeling with thoughts. Enough so that I can pretty much keep myself entertained for a 4 hour plane ride. And my taste in music has gotten such comments as, "why would you BUY that*#$&^%?!" However, I have an iPod rojo now (courtesy of a q-toe pass-tell). And I love it.

Did you know that iTunes has FREE music on it? Now, when dave says, "You spent cash MONEY on THAT#!^$?" I can reply, "No. No, dave, I did not." Then he'll stop asking me to pay rent.   

This cozy was NOT my second sewing project but it is, however, the second one that has actually been COMPLETED. I suffer from Cantfinishwhatistart Disease (CD). The final piece of the cozy was added moments ago with much frustration attached. In true G-ma B spirit, I SHOULD HAVE thought about what type of fastener I wanted to use and how I was going to attach it before I got to the point where I thought, "Shooooot.... it doesn't close."

I am getting ahead of myself.

I "reused" some fabric that was formally used to cover my toilet paper storage shelf from my college apartment. The fabrics on the inside were store bought for an old project that turned out quite juvenile looking so I'm not going to talk about it. I wanted some padding for the iPod so... the pieces of fabric in the pocket holding the iPod were sewn around a cotton cushion from a small cardboard earring gift box. It just so happened to be almost the exact size of my nano! Neat-o, non?  

Before sewing together all the pockets, I DID consider this: What if I want to ever start exercising again and I want to bring my iPod?? Isn't that what people use iPods for? Exercising, right? I mean, if I have some straps on my cozy, I can wear it around my arm like those exercising iPod owners do and listen to music while I, you know, exercise... okay okay, perhaps if I sew on these straps, I might start exercising because my god I spent all this time sewing straps onto this damn cozy! (See what I mean about the constant thinking??) So, here are the silly little straps that allow me to attach my cozy to my arm. 

Oh, and another symptom of CD is failing to make the attachments for projects that have been started (and possibly finished but not likely), like the actual strap to fit around my arm. Now that I've told you all about it, be on the lookout for it. This blog has been like therapy for my CD :) 

Now, about that fastener. I wanted to use velcro... I have some lying around... I didn't want to go to the store to BUY MORE STUFF... however, velcro was no longer an option since there was NO WAY I could iron on the pieces because:

1. the piece that needs to be attached to the outside of the pocket could not be ironed on after construction because there are 5, count them, 5 layers of fabric and 2 layers of cotton padding between where the velcro would need to be and where the iron would need to be.

2. the white fabric is NOT iron-able. It has some ridiculous fiber in it that... ehem, melts. Stop judging me.

After much wallowing about my carelessness, I gave up and used the iron-on velcro. I know what you're thinking... I thought you said there was NO WAY the iron-on velcro could be attached?? Well... I sorta still feel that it won't stay put.... It stuck onto the flap well (because I MADE SURE the iron never touched the melt-able fabric). The opposite piece... on the pouch... needed to be hand sewn on. Even after I turned the cozy inside-out, two layers of fabric, and one layer of cotton padding was enough to block the heat of the iron from the toxic stickiness of the back of the velcro. Go fig. It wasn't sew-on velcro (not even close) so hopefully it will stay put... And now, some views of the FINISHED product.


Sparticus said...

it looks like those straps would also work on a belt - i would totally bring my ipod to the government if i had one of those

adb said...

you are an expert in subtlety

Sparticus said...

im no expert, but shouldn't it be "pass-tell de q-toe"?