Tuesday, June 24, 2008

must start somewhere...

I was so lucky to make such great friends at grad school.  One friend in particular was able to inspire me to begin sewing. Turns out, I'm pretty crafty. I'm thinking about putting it on my resume.  The real inspiration came at a transitional period in my life, where I was moving ... get ready for it... back in with my parents.  I know. 

She made me a wonderful little gift (disclaimer: not actual gift) that was so simple in idea and construction, but so immensely thoughtful that I was blown away.

 (actual gift)

These little recipe pouches were just what I needed to keep my recipes organized and accessible, all the while giving me a cute way to display them. It was perfect for my very first sewing project. I was able to use some fabric that I bought years ago in my college days that sat in my childhood bedroom, until now. My stitches could be straighter and I could have ironed my seams better but I am pretty damn proud of my first steps.   

Can you tell??

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christine said...

FINALLY! A real live BLOG post.

I think grad school brought out the most domestic parts of me, probably not exactly what our public policy professors had in mind.

Anyhow, you're real sweet for the... how shall I say... "mad props". Gracias.

Now, back to the sewing machine...