Saturday, May 2, 2009

not quite THE park... [UPDATED]

...but it's a lot closer and provides me with just the right amount of 'outdoors' that I need.  It's practically my 'front yard', I don't have to bust out my not-so-green thumb, and it's always open.  I'm lucky.

I just go out to sit on my bench, I look to my left...
I look to my right...

then I take a stroll around to admire our own tulip patch...and stroll a little more...stop to admire the lonely tulip...

then go on home because I'm sufficiently 'outdoored' as much as I needed on this working saturday.  Hope you are all enjoying your weekend  :)

next weekend, the REAL tulip patches at THE park.  stay tuned  ;)


I realized I did not make good on my promise to the contest winner in the last post.  Congratulations, Sarah!  You're the winner!  Don't worry, you'll be receiving some other type of recognition for putting up with me being a dork and not being able to follow my own rules.