Monday, April 27, 2009

in my hotel, there's always somebody watching.

name that movie.

the winner gets.... um... a shout out on my next post for being the first to answer correctly.

sorry it's not a great prize.  but i don't have any sponsors yet.  working on it.  well, working on other stuff first... THEN i'm totally working on it.

ANYHOO, back to the post's title.  i should have known that a certain someone would have seen my comment on this lovely gal's post and reacted.  had i known he would react in THIS way.... 

i would have been leaving comments on people's blogs about all the neat stuff i want FOREVER ago.
i have a thing for cookie jars.  i also have a thing for frogs.  so someone thought that i would have a thing for this froggish-looking cookie jar.  
he was loving the camera. ;)

someone was right.


Sarah said...

that line is from ocean's 11!! oh, and i do love the cookie jar. what an awesome gift. how goes things stranger?

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Yeah, totally didn't get the quote. If a movie was made after about, oh, 2000, chances are I haven't even seen it. Because I'm lame that way.

Oh, and my connection to Albany? That's where my husband went to law school. We spent three years there. I actually really liked it there. It's pretty cool, as cities go.

Jess said...

Frog cookie jar?! That's awesome