Saturday, January 31, 2009

new do... [UPDATED]

I was recently informed that I would miss out on having a January post if I did not post something TODAY. Thanks for the LAST MINUTE warning.

Anyhoo, I figured this would be a good way to show everyone my new do. That way, the people I don't see me everyday/very often will see the drastic change... so, when I see them (you people who read my blog) in a few weeks or longer and am already tired of the "OH MY GAAWWWD!!!" reaction that I have been getting lately, they (you) won't get the eye-roll. Anysecondhoo, here it is:

12 inches, baby. I consider donating hair to be one of the most selfless acts that I've ever done and here's why:

a. taking care of 12+ inches of hair is seriously time consuming.

2. taking care of 12+ inches of hair costs a lot of money in shampoo/conditioner/hot water usage.

and d. I became somewhat fond of my long hair so, giving it up was a bit sad.
HOWEVER, it was NOT totally selfless. It feels good to give to a good cause. It always does. No matter what Pheobe says.

So, there ya go.

*UPDATE: A big shout-out to my good friend over at for making my January post possible. Thanks for interrupting the evening to take pictures, upload pictures, edit pictures, and let me blog. I'm always meeting deadlines at the last minute....


Sarah said...

OH MY GAWWWD!!!!! I LOVE IT!! Seriously though, it's great! And donating the hair, a truly awesome thing to do. I hope I get to see it in person soon!

Christine said...

Fo sho. Thanks for letting me take pictures of every fondue ingredient, dipper, utensil, etc. until it started to feel more like a photo session than a social event.

And like I said, I'll always accommodate emergency )or non-emergency blogging at my place). Just ask.

Also, you stole my A2D numbering. And I stole it from Home Alone. So we're even.